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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Childhood Confessions

This post is about a heartwarming experience I had when riding the shuttle jeepney stationed at EDSA going to MoA. It's a conversation between a mother and child whom you just can't ignore because of its sheer cuteness. Just imagine hearing the conversation with the child having a high pitched loud voice, and his mother with a calm and soothing one.

Child: Yehey pupunta tau ng MoA
Mom: Kaya behave ka lang ok?
M: Oh bakit nga ba tayo pupunta ng MoA?
C: Mami ang daming tao!
C: (totally forgetting about his mothers question) Ahm bakit ang daming tao mami?
M: Kasi pupunta rin sila sa MoA.
M: Bakit tayo pupunta ng MoA?
C: Kasi bibili tayo ng Robot!!
M: Tama, kaya behave lang ikaw...
C: Ang init mami.
C: Mami bili rin tayo ng cake mamaya!
M: (laughs), sige sige, ikaw talaga..
Then came 5 minutes of silence as the child playfully watches different vehicles passing along the road...
M: Gusto mo ba matagal tayo sa MoA?
C: Oo naman mami, ang laki nun tapos ang hirap pasyalin. Hanggang bukas na lang tayo dun mami.
M: Naku hindi pwede yun. Gusto mo iwan na lang kita tapos balikan na lang kita? (You can sense that the mother is playing with her child's imagination)
C: Ayoko mami baka maligaw ako.
M: Eh may mga security guard naman dun ah di ka maliligaw.
C: Ayoko pa rin...
C: Iiyak ako pag iniwan mo ko ( </3 )
M: (Smiling) Sige na nga hindi na kita iiwan..
M: Oh yan malapit na tayo. (they were still at least roughly around 50-70 meters MoA)
C: Tara baba na tayo mami!
M: Behave ka lang lalapit pa tong sasakyan.
At this point on, the child kept shouting "MoA" happily. When the shuttle finally arrived at MoA,the kid tried his best to make it first out. It was really fun to watch.

Anyway, that's it. It was a real pleasant experience that kind of lighted up my supposedly gloomy day. 

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